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Our mission

Conversem is different – here is why

Conversem’s mission is to mature the SEO industry through our scaled agile content SEO and search audience targeting methodologies to enable an empirical approach to the SEO content business case, streamlining operational excellence and doubles down on proving the performance of every content optimization done.

Our value proposition

From validated business case to proving performance

At Conversem we don’t treat SEO as a mere tactic, but as an embedded part of your marketing strategy and operations. Every step has to make business sense and we insist SEO performance will be proven.

Conversem's value proposition
From validated SEO business case to proving performance

Trusted by local and multinational organizations

About Ruben Remy

Work with Ruben Remy to accelerate the SEO performance of your organization. You will be in good company of noteworthy organizations who have trusted Ruben’s SEO Consultancy since 2017.

Multinational experience

Interim SEO Consultant/Lead

From global organizational SEO audit with the goal to uncover organizational gaps in SEO I proceeded to implementing SEO business processes as part of Philip’s digital transformation.

Digital transformation/startup

Interim SEO Expert/Lead

As interim SEO Expert during LeasePlan’s digital transformation I did everything SEO, such as technical SEO to build their web stack from scratch, 32 country domain to .com migrations and training internal stakeholders from management to development teams in their part of SEO.

E2E content SEO workflow integration

SEO Strategist/Consultant

At VEH I implemented my signature scaled agile content SEO and search audience targeting methodologies. From training content expert teams, coaching, improving the velocity of content SEO efforts of the non-SEO content teams, to proving the traffic growth of their individual content optimizations.

Trusted by various marketing agencies

Senior SEO Consultancy

As senior SEO freelancer I have supported various marketing agencies with their clients. Amongst agencies I have worked with are DEPT, New Media, Alpha Tango and my SEO career made a start at Adwise.

Work with me to mature your organization in SEO and proof SEO performance.

Ruben Remy

SEO Strategist at Conversem

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Start your SEO transformation with Conversem’s unique approach to operational excellence in SEO and proving SEO performance.