What is search audience targeting?

Search audience targeting is an empirical search marketing methodology invented by Ruben Remy, resulting in strategic content creation to fill search intent and customer journey gaps.

The search audience targeting methodology seeks to match all your individual webpage purposes with the (searcher’s) user intent and the exact search keywords visitors use that reveal their intent.

This new methodology is akin to achieving a product-market fit applied to webpages instead of products and the means to get there is an empirical and data driven approach that fits like a glove in any agile organization.

When search audience targeting is done for a website, search audience and customer journey gaps will raise to the surface of your organization, resulting in strategic content creation to fill customer journey and user intent gaps.

Filling customer journey and search-user intent gaps will lead to more traffic, higher conversions and an improved NPS while making a tight grip possible on web hygiene and duplicate content prevention. Meanwhile SAT will turn your content experts naturally into digital marketing front-runners.

Search audience targeting is the game changer for your digital marketing strategy

Search audience targeting functions as the foundation to improve and scale your search engine marketing and overall digital marketing operation without decay by

  • Empirically concluding strategic decision making prior to webpage creation and optimization and thereby validating or invalidating the pull marketing business case for search engine marketing efforts.
  • Providing a cumulative knowledge build-up of empirically validated keyword targeting to enable much more clarity in SEO and SEA reporting and grip on the next marketing decisions to make.
  • Front-running Google algorithm updates through being validated by Google’s user behavior derived understanding of search intent.
  • Proving page type/template gaps that need to be filled to enable new search traffic on missing parts of the customer journey. SAT will help you keep a grip on the amount of necessary page types with empirical argumentation.
  • Acting as foundation for web hygiene through clarity in strategic decision making. Clarity in when to activate for search and when not to, thus saving time by only performing SEO where it is needed.
  • Preventing duplicate content and internal competition which can be caused by multiple internal content creators competing for the same keywords and search audiences.

Although search audience targeting is based on search visitor intents, it improves the customer journey for the visitors that come through all digital marketing channels to the website.

The future of digital marketing strategy is empirical

Search audience targeting is more than a new trend; it’s a fundamental shift in online marketing philosophy and practice which alike agile methodologies is an empirical approach. SAT is about connecting with the right search audience with the most relevant webpage. This empirical strategic alignment must be at the heart of contemporary digital marketing and can become the difference maker for the success of online brands.

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